Northern Tales TEASER out now!!

It's is definitely one of the biggest journey I took together with my friend and producer Maxi Menot. The album "Northern Tales" is a mystical epic story about longing, passion and home, embedded in Nordic folk, orchestral sounds - a special mixture of pop music and orchestra. The project was inspired by film music in the style of Florence and the machine "Jenny of Oldstones" (GAME OF THRONES)", Emiliana Torrini "Gollums`s Song" (LORD OF THE RINGS)" and James Newton Howard's "Hanging Tree" (HUNGER GAMES)".


Behind the joint project is the indie pop band The Remaining Part, the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, the composers Kollektiv track15 and Edition B+. Now you can officially watch first trailers of the album, that is planned to be released for March, 27th this year. Stay tuned! Watch first trailer here.

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