NORDIC SPRING out now with WCPM Germany

I‘m very proud to announce that after two years Maxi Menot and me have teamed up again in February for a whole album. Nordic Spring, which is released today with Warner Chappell Production Music Germany again. Nordic Spring is full of Nordic Treasures - fragile strings, epic drums, melodic surprises, mystic stories and a great variety of female voices and colours.


I’m particularly proud of this one, not just because I went through very personal stories in each of the songs I wrote this time, but also because I literally found my voice with this record as I started singing a few tracks on my own. 



Thank you to Maxi for your tremendous input and skills on this record, and to WCPM GERMANY for making this project possible and giving us the creative room. ❤️🎼


Hit the link to listen to Nordic Spring now!! For license requests visit: WCPM contact

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