Arrangement of your favorite piece

step 1: collecting ideas

You tell us a style or a piece you find inspiring and we collect the ideas.


A little tip: Under the category News we publish every month one of the most beautiful love songs of all times and give you tips how to make the song musically. 


Ideen sammeln

step 2: quote

From the collected ideas we will create a concrete offer for you. The following components are decisive for the price:

  • Instrumentation: 1 - 5 instruments, orchestra
  • Production: digital, live instruments or both (hybrid)
  • Transfer of rights: non-exclusive or exclusive 

For further information please see our AGB.


Paket festlegen

step 3: arranging

Together with our songwriters we will arrange you a very special song for your personal event.


Wir arrangieren Ihren Song

step 4: finalizing

Finally, we prepare your song in our in-house mixing and mastering studio for playback.

Wir bereiten Ihren Song zum Abspielen vor

step 5: your song box

We deliver your song in our specially made gift box .

Broschüre mit CD

Beispiel für ein Arrangement eines Popsongs: John Legend - Ordinary People 

Eiserner Steg, Arrangement 2016