paket "Ludovico"

Step 1: collecting ideas

You tell us a style or piece you find inspiring, and we collect the ideas. 

Ideen sammeln

step 2: Quote

From the collected ideas we will create a concrete offer for you. The following components are decisive for the price:

  • Instrumentation: 1 - 5 instruments, orchestra
  • Production: digital, live instruments or both (hybrid)
  • Transfer of rights: non-exclusive or exclusive 

For further information please see our AGB.

Paket festlegen

Step 3: songwriting

Together with our songwriters we write your very own piece for your personal event. 

Wir schreiben Ihren Song

step 4:  finalizing

Finally, we prepare your piece for playback in our in-house mixing and mastering studio.

Wir bereiten Ihren Song zum Abspielen vor

step 5:  your song Box

We deliver your song in our specially made gift box. 

Broschüre mit CD

Beispiele für den Austausch der Ringe oder Einzug in die Kirche: